These Speakers Make SENse!

American Audios New SenSeries Delivers Concert Quality Sound

Every club and concert hall has its challenges when it comes to completing a great-sounding professional audio installation. Now, with the introduction of the highly flexible and compact SenSeries Speaker System from American Audio, concert-quality sound is possible in any venue where space and appearance are at a premium. The multifunctional new series consists of the Sense 8, Sense 12 and Sense 15 Speakers, along with the Sense 15B and Sense 18B Subwoofers.

Representing the finest in German design and engineering, the SenSeries Speakers have passive crossovers that are fine-tuned for optimum acoustics and excellent dynamics and have been developed using complex frequency curves and delays. In combination with latest amp technology, the SenSeries is flexible enough to meet all your high-end requirements. All components found in SenSeries speakers are perfectly matched for maximum audio quality and completely safe operation, even in the loudest and most demanding audio environments.

The SenSeries HF cabinets feature an asymmetric design allows for both front-of-house and monitor usage. They utilize a proprietary rotatable horn design with a wide-dispersion range that brings crisp-sounding audio to the far reaches of any venue. And, thanks to their compact build and convenient M10 fly points, SenSeries Speakers can be installed quickly and easily right where you need them most even in those hard-to-reach spots of your club, theater or medium-sized concert hall. Each full-range speaker has a 40-degree monitor cut, making them equally at home on the stage floor, where performers can depend on their power and clarity for ideal vocal and instrument monitoring all night long.


Even the most popular clubs and venues have characteristics that get in the way of achieving an ideal sound whether its their sheer size, tricky room angles, or hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that stand in the way of audio perfection, said Tom Freret, National Sales Manager for American Audio. Our new SenSeries provides an ideal solution, with its incredibly flexible and compact German-engineered speakers. And no serious installation would be complete without matching subwoofers like those found in the SenSeries, which let the music be felt as much as it is heard.


The Sense 8 Speaker, the smallest in the series, has an 8-inch American Audio PA850 woofer with a 50mm voicecoil and a 1-inch compression-driver tweeter with a 44mm voicecoil mounted on a 90- by 60-degree CD horn. It is capable of handling 175W continuous, 350W program and 700W peak power, and its recommended input power is 100250W @ 8Ohm. The Sense 8 Speaker measures 29.8L x 17W x 9H/250 x 436 x 230 and weighs 22 lbs./10kg. It carries an MSRP of $229.95.


The Sense 12 Speaker features a 12-inch American Audio PA1575 woofer with a 75mm voicecoil and a 1-inch compression-driver tweeter with a 44mm voicecoil mounted on a 75- by 50-degree CD horn. It handles 350W continuous, 700W program and 1,400W peak power and has a recommended input power of 250500W @ 8Ohm. The Sense 12 Speaker measures 14L x 25W x 12.8H/360 x 640 x 325mm and weighs 39.7 lbs./18kg. It carries an MSRP of $369.95.

The largest of the SenSeries cabinets, the Sense 15 boasts a 15-inch American Audio PA1575 woofer with a 75mm voicecoil and a 1-inch compression-driver tweeter with a 44mm voicecoil mounted on a 75- by 50-degree CD horn. Its capable of handling 400W continuous, 800W program and 1,600W peak power and has a recommended input power is 300600W at 8Ohm. The Sense 15 Speaker measures 16.9L x 26.7W x 14.6H/430mm x 678mm x 370mm and weighs 48.5 lbs./22kg. It carries an MSRP of $449.95.

Subwoofers, of course, make all the difference in any truly professional audio installation, and the high-efficiency Sense 15B and Sense 18B Subwoofers are definitely up to the task.

The Sense 15B Subwoofer contains a 15-inch American Audio PA15000 woofer with a 100mm voicecoil thats sure to get any room bumping and thumping. Power handling on the Sense 15B is 450W continuous, 900W program and 1,800W peak, and its recommended input power is 300600 W @ 8Ohm. It measures 16.9L x 21.7W x 21.7H/430mm x 550mm x 550mm and weighs 58.4 lbs./26.5kg. It carries an MSRP of $479.95.

The Sense 18B Subwoofer features an 18-inch American Audio PA 18000 woofer for monstrous bass sound that thunders with low-end definition. This awesome subwoofer can handle 600W continuous, 1,200W program and 2,400W peak power, and its recommended input power is 400800 W @ 8Ohm. The Sense 18B Subwoofer measures 20.5L x 25.6W x 23.6H/520mm x 650mm x 600mm and weighs 72.8 lbs./33kg. It carries an MSRP of $599.95.

The mechanics and cosmetics of the SenSeries Speakers make them particularly installation-appropriate. Each full-range cabinet has heavy-duty M10 fly points and screws on all corners so they can be securely mounted or hung in any location and at every imaginable angle. SenSeries cabinets are well protected on the front by powder-coated full metal grilles supported by shock-absorbing acoustic foam backing. They are finished in industrial-quality black structure paint for a professional look that discreetly blends in with the classy dcor and stage rigging of theaters and clubs, so your installation will never distract from the performance itself.

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